Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reunion 2011, Security and Contacts

Valid Identification:
  • Active Duty Identification Card

  • Military Retired Identification Card

  • Dependant Military Identification Card

  • Government Issued Driver’s License

  • Valid Passport

Base Access - Retirees
Retirees may sponsor their guests.

Base Access - Prior Service
We will need to provide an Entry Authority List (EAL) of prior service members and their guests to Pass and Registration no later than 06/03/2011. J.P. Brown is compiling the list, and would like all names NO LATER than 05/27/2011 so that the list can be mailed, and receipt verified.

Each person will need to list their full name as listed on a State ID, Federal ID, or passport. TSgt Veith says this information is required for entry, and must be submitted to the Visitors Center Pass and ID no later than about 06/03/2011.

  • AU/PA story about events and the EAL

Privately Owned Vehicles
To operate you POV on base, you will need:
  • 1. A valid driver's license

  • 2. Proof of insurance

  • 3. Your registration

Persons authorized to carry weapons off base are not allowed to carry on base, even if you are an active or retired law enforcement officer, or have a CCW permit.

  • Weapons must be stored at the 42nd SFS Armory. Form 1297 for temporary storage will be issued. Gunter does not have such facilities, so for the Gunter activities you will need to either store your weapon at Maxwell or leave it at your motel.

Helpful Links

Other Info
  • Bell Street is now Maxwell Blvd

  • 3rd St is now Mitchell Blvd

  • 8th St is now Twining St

  • Peach St (next to old SP Barracks) is gone

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