Friday, May 28, 2010

Gates Undergo Major Overhaul

~Based on Mark Guest and AU/PA stories/photos
Thanks to Mark Guest for two photos of the new gates at Maxwell AFB. "Gate 1" (Poplar Street) is now further towards Bell Street, and is called the "Bell Street Gate". "Gate 2" (Day Street) is in its same location, but is now under construction.

The construction on the Day Street Gate (AKA "Gate 2") was scheduled for completion by December 16, 2009, although it may have been delayed by inclement weather. Some features of the gate reconstruction include:

  • Construction of a canopy over the road at the gate building,

  • Repair work to the gate, and

  • Adding a restroom (for a "10-14") to the gate building

Maxwell AFB story: Gate Renovations

Bell Street Gate, Maxwell AFB, Fall 2009
(photo by Mark Guest)

Gate 1 (Poplar Street, 130 yards west of new gate) - 1979
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Day Street Gate (under construction), Maxwell AFB ~ Summer 2009
(USAF photo by Carl Bergquist)

Day Street Gate (under construction), Maxwell AFB, Fall 2009
(photo by Mark Guest)

Gate 2 (Day Street) ~ 1978
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Day Street Fence - 2010
(USAF photo by Bennett Rock)

Gate 3 (Kelly Street, next to intersection with March Street) - 1979
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

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Gunter SPs Deploy for Desert Storm, 1990-91

Thanks to Charles "Dave" Catholdi for the following great photos from the Desert Storm Deployment by SPs from Gunter AFB.

  • The Gunter AFB SPs were assigned to the 62nd SPS at Mirage AB in Sharaj, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). The 62nd SPS was the unit from McChord AFB.

  • Gunter and McChord troops were merged into the
    1650th Tactical Airlift Wing Provisional

  • At lookout posts (such as "Echo 1"), SPs were armed with M-60 machine guns.

  • SPs served 12 hour shifts (such as 0600-1800). After being there awhile, they received at least 1 MRE for a meal a day, a cold breakfast, and 1 hot dinner. Quote from Charles "Dave" Catholdi, "God I hated those MREs!".

Front Row, Left to Right: Rajesh B. Patel, Eric F. Phillips, Ernest C. "Dog" Murray, Jeff Stokely, Ken "Truitt Can Do It" Truitt, Randy Cunningham
Back Row, Left to Right: Michael A. "Mike" Doty, Terry L. Pridemore, David B. "Dave" DeRamus, Robert "Boos" Bussalacchi, Richard J. "Rich" Wryobeck, Charles "Dave" Catholdi, Donald L. "Don" Carter
Not Pictured: A1C Jeffrey Anderson
(USAF photo via Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

"Tent City", Mirage AB, U.A.E.
(photo courtesy of Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

Halloween During Desert Storm - October 1990
Seated Left-to-Right: Sgt Terry Pridemore, A1C Randy Cunningham, Charles "Dave" Catholdi, A1C Jeff Anderson (handing out "Trick or Treat" candy to British kids)
Standing: A1C Dave Deramus
(photo courtesy of Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

"R and R" at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Downtown Dubai, U.A.E.
Robert Busalacchi (facing), Randy Cunningham (glasses), Ernest C. Murray (right, white shirt), and Dave DeRamus (blue shirt)
(photo courtesy of Charles "Dave" Catholdi)

Dave DeRamus and Eric Phillips (from Gunter AFB);
Sgt Ken Jones (from McChord AFB)
Humvee, Mirage AB, U.A.E.
(photo courtesy of Charles "Dave" Catholdi)