Sunday, January 3, 2010

Contract Guards, DOD/DAF Police Hired

~Summary of AU/PA stories by Carl Bergquist
Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex have shifted some duties from the sentinels of the 42nd SFS to contract guards, and DOD/DAF police officers. The first changes involved having contract guards man the gates. Next, Department of Defense police were hired starting in October of 2008 to take on many of the roles filled by SFs. By Fall 2009, Department of the Air Force police had taken over the duties at the gates.

  • These changes were prompted by the overseas deployments of sentinels from the 42nd SFS to expeditionary units.

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Contract Guard Inspects Vehicle - Winter 2009
Kelly Street Gate, Maxwell AFB
(USAF photo by Jamie Pitcher)

DOD Police Officer Chris Langston - Fall 2008
Assigned to 42nd SFS, Maxwell AFB
(USAF photo by Jamie Pitcher)

DAF Police Officer Monica Roberts Verifies ID - Fall 2009
Bell Street Gate, Maxwell AFB
(USAF photo by Bennett Rock)

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