Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reunion 2011, Activities

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

June 10-12, 2011

Fri 0800 - 0900 - Gather at Maxwell Visitors Center
Fri 0900 - 1130 - Maxwell Base tour
Fri 1130 - 1600 - Release group for lunch on own
Fri 1130 - 1600 - Enlisted Heritage Hall on own
Fri 1600 - 1900 - Gunter Community Center Social Hour
Fri 1900 - 2400 - Dinner and night life on own
Sat ---- - ---- - Golf has been CANCELLED
Sat ---- - ---- - EHH is CLOSED on Saturday
Sat 1100 - 1500 - Hopper Lodge picnic
Sat 1500 - 1800 - Break
Sat 1800 - 2200 - Biscuits baseball game
Sun 0830 - 1200 - Chapel services on own
Sun 1200 - 1400 - Farewell lunch


Friday, 06/10/2011, 0800, Base Tour and MWD Demo
Tour POC: TSgt Mark Delcambre (42nd SFS)
Visitors Center POC: TSgt Dee Long (42nd SFS)
Veterans POC: Gene Cody (3800th SPS)
Veterans POC: J.P. Brown (3800th SPS)

We will assemble at the Visitors Center next to the Maxwell Boulevard Gate (AKA "Gate 1", AKA "Bell Street Gate"). Be there NO LATER than 0830 for roll call and processing.

Maxwell Blvd Gate, Maxwell AFB - 2009
(photo by Mark Guest)

  • Visit location of old SP HQ, Building 837, the Campbell Building.

  • Drop by the modern barracks.

  • Visit "new" firing range.

  • Sight seeing via bus (AU HQ, 42nd ABW HQ, "O" Club, Academic Circle).

  • Visit current SF HQ, Building 130. Tour of building and MWD demo.

Friday/Saturday, Enlisted Heritage Hall
POC: J.P. Brown

Enlisted Heritage Hall (EHH) is a museum on Gunter which highlights the accomplishments of enlisted service members. It is not part of our formal tour, however you may visit it during our "slack" times. It is open during the following times:

Monday-Friday 0700-1700
Saturday      CLOSED

  • 550 McDonald Street
    Gunter AFS, AL
    (334) 416-3202

Friday, 06/10/2011, 1600, Social Hour and Registration
POC: J.P. Brown

1600 - 1900 - $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child. This will be at the Gunter Community Center. We may extend the hours into the evening, since this appears to be an excellent venue to sit and reminisce about old times. Volunteers needed to help with set up, and clean up.

  • 210 Ramp Road
    Building 825
    Gunter AFS, AL
    (334) 416-4888

Community Center Game Room ~ 2010
Note: Unknown if this picture is at Maxwell or Gunter. They both have Community Centers.
Click HERE for Official Community Center Web Page
(official USAF photo)

Friday, 06/10/2011, 1900, Dinner & Night Life on Own

There are numerous restaurants in the Prattville and Montgomery area. We'll compile a list of venues, and post them later.

Saturday, 06/11/2011, 0720, Golf at Cypress Tree
POC: Gene Cody


Gene Cody has released all the tee times on the University Course at the Cypress Tree Golf Course on Maxwell.

Cypress Tree Contact, Mike:   (334) 263-7587

0720 - Tee time

    we now have zero (0) tee times

Saturday, 06/11/2011, 1100, Picnic, Hopper Lodge
POC: J.P. Brown and Gene Cody

1100 - 1500 - $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child. Gene is organizing this and doing the shopping. J.P. will do the hauling and set up. Volunteers needed to help with set up, grilling, and clean up. We have some games planned. Hopper Lodge is under renovation, scheduled for completion on May 15th, so the venue might be changed.

Hopper Lodge, Maxwell AFB ~ 2010
Click HERE for Official Hopper Lodge Web Page
(official USAF photo)

Saturday, 06/11/2011, 1800, Biscuits Baseball

The game is "Military Appreciation Night", and we have a block of seats for those interested. $12.00 per person. Click HERE for the Biscuits' web site.

  • There will be a fly over, enlistment ceremony, and other pre-game activities.

  • There is limited parking at Riverfront Stadium, so plan to arrive around 1800, if not sooner.

  • The first pitch is scheduled for 1905.

  • There will be fireworks after the game.

Sunday, 06/12/2011, Chapel Services

There are four (4) services on base at the two chapels. The Base Chaplain states that a group service is not normally held, therefore folks interested in attending will need to do so individually. The four services are:

  • 0830 - Chapel 2 - Protestant, Contemporary

  • 0900 - Chapel 1 - Catholic Mass
        ***TIME CHANGE***

  • 1100 - Chapel 1 - Protestant, Traditional

  • 1100 - Chapel 2 - Gospel / African-American

  • Chapel 1
    101 Poplar Street
    Building 3

  • Chapel 2
    331 West Drive
    Building 155

Chapel 2, Maxwell AFB - 2011
Rev. Robert Graetz and Father Linn Harbour, Chaplain
(USAF photo by Melanie Rodgers Cox)

Sunday, 06/12/2011, Farewell Luncheon

We might have a farewell brunch/luncheon for those of us still in Montgomery on Sunday. Many of you will be departing on flights that day, so we'll aim for 1100 to 1300.

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