Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reunion 2011, Messages

Post messages specifically for the Reunion.

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  1. Fellow SPs,

    Check back as we update the activities and times. We have 25 folks confirmed as of 1/6/2011, with another 30-60 estimated to attend.

    See y'all in June,


  2. Lookin' forward to it!

    Brad Webster

  3. To all, had an awesome time seeing everyone, everone that made it anyway. Can't wait fr the next one. Hope everone made it home ok. My email is sgtrock188@yahoo.com, feel free to add to yuor contact list. See everyone later.

  4. Mark Guest, MAFB: 1972-1974 & 1978 - 1987.

    I sat down and wrote this out Saturday night (6-11) after the picnic @ Hopper's Lodge, but I am just now posting it:

    Man, my jaws actually hurt from all the smiling I did the last 2 days. I am having a hard time finding the words to describe how I felt on Friday morning when I saw the first group of folks on the base tour. It was like I stepped back into time, some 30 years ago. There they were, Chuck, Jeff, Andy, Don, Arleen, Bill, Steve, August, Skip, Tim, Scott, Tom, Ray, Phil, Dick, J.P., and Colonel McGregor. I stepped back further to 1972 when I recognized David Coleman. Man, what memories. I don't think much of the base was seen during the tour, we were too busy talking. I don't think it mattered, we were just all happy to see each other. Time seemed to fly throughout the day. The group who showed at the get-together @ Gunter was bigger. John, Gene, David, and a few more showed up, as did a few active duty SPs. Saturday at Hopper's Lodge was even better. Bobby Stanford showed up for a couple of hours driving in from north Mississippi. We could have stood and talked for hours, but I turned around and it was already time to say goodbye.

    It was GREAT seeing how successful everyone had become. Just about every profession was represented by the folks coming to the reunion. I know I said this more than once, but most of you looked like you did the last time I saw you.

    I'll tell you how this reunion made me feel. When I was in the AF and would attend Supervisor's school or NCO Academy we had a saying about how it felt to attend. We called it being "re-blued." Well, I got "re-blued" this weekend. David Briggs and I have talked about how good it was too see everyone and the effect it has had on us.

    Let's not wait too long before we do this again. We might even have to discuss having it in another city/state just so the same people don't have to travel as far.

    My hat is off to J.P. Brown. Thanks for bringing us together - it was just the thing we needed to do. Only J.P. could have pulled this off.

    To everyone who missed out I hope that you and yours are in good health. See you at the next one.

    Mark Guest